Vās, from Latin (vāsum):
vessel, dish, vase, utensil, instrument

Founded in 2012, VAS & CRAFT has established itself as one of Israel’s most unique leather goods studios, offering hand-crafted shoes and fine leather accessories. 

Since its founding VAS & CRAFT has built its reputation on employing traditional craftsmanship and fostering collaborations with studios and factories in Israel and Italy.
Focusing on a modern interpretation of classical objects, the result has been timeless pieces, from flats to high heels to boots.

VAS & CRAFT’s passion is slow fashion: mastering old techniques and time-honored traditions, valuing the knowledge that is passed from generation to generation.

Each item is handmade in the finest factories and workshops – the fruit of a long and focused process of design, seeking the right materials, craftsmanship and care.

Rotem Gur Gilboa

Rotem Gur, founder and owner of VAS & CRAFT, graduated from Betzalel Academy of Art and Design (department of Jewelry and Fashion Design). During her studies she completed an internship at the prestigious ENSAD (Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs) in Paris, specializing in textile design.

Rotem founded VAS in 2012, and since has collaborated with other brands, showing her shoes collection during both New York and Tel Aviv fashion weeks.

In 2017, she proudly opened her first boutique in the heart of Tel Aviv offering shoes, leather goods and other design objects.